Mission Statement

We raise youth leaders to develop good character and to model and teach about the benefits of sexual abstinence, in preparation for marriage and successful family formation.

ULTRA Teen Choice Vision for a Healthy DC

Every DC youth from middle school through high school will receive education about the benefits of abstinence, and will have the opportunity to hear from peers who believe in abstinence. 
Accountability and peer mentoring relationships will be set up between older youth or adults of the same sex who believe in abstinence. 
Middle school youth will be STAR (Students Teaching Abstinence & Responsibility) Guides for upper elementary. 
High school youth will be STAR Guide mentorsfor Middle School youth.
College Youth will be STAR Guide mentors for High School youth.
This will greatly reduce the rate of HIV, STDs, out of wedlock births, and heartbreak.

Program Goals

1.  To educate students about the benefits of abstinence in preparation for marriage and to encourage them to adopt a sexually abstinent and drug free lifestyle.

 2.  To encourage students to exemplify high moral values and to become persons of integrity;  especially by providing older students who are sexually abstinent role models.

 3.  To encourage and train students to be peer counselors who can reach out to students in need of their friendship, encouragement and advice, especially focusing on sexual abstinence before marriage.

 4.  To give students a forum in the community to speak out on the issue of sexual abstinence.

  Major Accomplishments of ULTRA Teen Choice


· 2011 to Present: Provide a 10 week STAR Leadership Training at Lovin' Life for young adults and teens.

· 1997 to Present  Provide Classroom HIV/AIDS and Teen pregnancy prevention education for over 3000 public school and community youth in grades 6 to 12.

·        2003 to present  Provide classroom and community peer counseling for over 1500 youth in grades 6 to 12.

·        2003 to 2008  Provided ULTRA Teen Choice Service Clubs plus additional educational and recreational activities for youth at Stuart-Hobson Middle School, Kramer Middle School,  Eastern Senior High School and School Without Walls Senior High School, in Washington, DC, serving youth from Wards 2, 6 , 7, and 8.  Over 250 youth participated in ULTRA Teen Choice Service Clubs.

·        1998 to present:  Provided eleven training workshops for 120 individuals interested in implementing the ULTRA Teen Choice program in their community or organization.

·        2003 to present:  Conducted group & individual parent and community information meetings for over 80 people to provide information & get feedback.

·        2005 to present:  Held the Reality Check Fundraising Breakfast and annual fundraising campaign to raise community awareness of ULTRA & its mission with 150 attending.

·        ULTRA Teen Choice is a graduate of the 2005-2006 District of Columbia Office or Partnerships and Grants Development Strengthening Partners Initiative.


·        2006 to present: Serve as the primary host and organizer for Abstinence Awareness Week in Washington, DC during the second week in March each year.