In Memory of Jin Joo Ellen Byrne: April 20, 1984 - August 28, 2002

The work of ULTRA Teen Choice is done in memory of and in the spirit of Jin Joo Ellen Byrne. Jin Joo is a young woman who emplified the values of purity and the value of Godly families. She is the inspiration behind the peer counseling and mentoring programs that ULTRA has developed since 2002. Please enjoy these pictures and this glimpse into the heart of this exceptional young woman. As you realize the value of purity and true families, the ideals that Jin Joo cherished will continue on and expand.

Richard Urban
ULTRA (Urban Life Training & Reality Assessment) Teen Choice

Jin Joo Byrne Jin Joo Byrne Jin Joo Byrne Jin Joo Byrne
Jin Joo Byrne  At A Revival In Korea  With Dad Martyn and Mom Ella

Biography of Jin Joo
   The day she was born, the ground was covered with a pure, white snow. It was Good Friday, April 20, 1984, in Kodiak, Alaska. Her parents waited for her a long time and felt that her birth was very significant. Jin Joo is a Korean name meaning True Pearl.
   From an early age she was very creative, artistic and independent. She loved music, art, and ballet. She danced in many ballet performances, including the Nutcracker. Always a good student, she worked very hard to please her teachers and her parents. Her determination and passion allowed her to accomplish many of her goals. Jin Joo felt a lot of compassion for people with special needs. Her dream was to help them by pursuing Special Education and Music.
   She moved with her family to Seattle in 1996. That same year she want to Korea to study its language and culture. After returning she attended Ballard and Summit High School, graduating in the class of 2002.
   Her strongest passion if life was her dedication to pure love and the ideal of true family. She participated in the Pure Love Movement Tours in the U.S., Japan, Korea and Europe, promoting the values of Pure Love and Absolute Sex. Her dream of good marriage and family started to be fulfilled when she was Blessed in marriage in February 2002 to Young Graml, son of missionaries to Paraguay. In August of 2002 she took the next step in her public life by joining a two year missionary youth program to become God's True Pearl.
   Jin Joo's wonderful, idealistic, and sincere heart will always be remembered by her family, friends, and many that she touched.
   Her life of faith and dedication was recognized by Rev. and Mrs. Moon by a new eternal name, Sun Mi Nyo, Daughter of Goodness and Beauty.


Video of Jin Joo speaking at Speaker's Corner in London's Hyde Park during the Pure Love Tour 2000:

Video of Jin Joo