RQ: Relationship Intelligence Parent-Gram #3 Dear Parent/Guardian,

Following is a summary of Key Points from Lesson Three on Initiation Rites. Please take a few minutes (or longer!) to discuss the following topics with your son or daughter. 

Key Points

a) All of us have to make the transition to mature manhood or womanhood.

b) Different cultures have different ways of testing or showing that one has become a mature adult accepted into “adult” society. These are called “initiation rites”.

c) Some signs of maturity in our culture (discuss) include: physical signs of maturation (can refer to appendix A: Adolescent Development), confirmation ceremony in church, success in sports, graduation from high school or college, driver’s license and owning a car, joining the military, making money and starting a career, living on your own, getting married.

d) False concepts of maturity such as using alcohol/drugs or having unmarried sex or having a baby as “proof” that one is a mature man or woman can lead to self-destructive behaviors and tragedy.

Discussion Questions (Parent and child can take turns giving their own answers.)

1. What is your definition of how one becomes a mature man or woman?

2. What are the “shortcuts” or false ways that some people use to try to prove that they are “grown-up”?

3. Why is it better to pursue maturity the “right way”?

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Dear Parent/Guardian,

Please fill out this response slip and have your child bring it back. Thank you for helping us to encourage more discussion between you and your child on these important issues!

I, _______________________________, discussed the topics in the above parentgram with my child,

____________________________, on the following date, ____________.

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