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President Trump did the right thing by going to St. Johns’ Episcopal Church with a Bible. Terrance Floyd told people not to riot and destroy their communities, yet protests and riots continue. What is behind this chaos?

Those mayors, such as the Washington DC Mayor, Muriel Bowser, promote godless agendas.  They collude in promoting homosexuality to children as young as 6th grade.  They kick out programs, such as Urban Life Training, that are teaching sexual abstinence before marriage.  They do this because those teaching the programs are often people of faith that do not agree with teaching children that homosexuality is normal.  

So the most beneficial thing for black families, teaching sexual abstinence before marriage, and promoting stable, married families is kicked out of public schools.  Then mayors, such as Mayor Bowser, moral posture by painting streets with "Black Lives Matter".  Yet they are promoting the very things that are destroying the black community.  Wake up people!