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Slide 11:  Video:  Teen Mom Feels Trapped

Slide 14:  Video:  Karina 16 @ War 

Slide 28:  Activity

Give students 5-7 minutes to write a letter to an imagined romantic partner, telling him or her that you have feelings, but there will be no sex.

Slide 29:  Visual Prop

Cut one or two hearts from red construction paper.  Glue the two hearts together.  Tear them apart as a visual illustration of how tow sexual partners will feel after bonding together.

Slide 42:  Optional Song:  Beanie Sigel Where Have You Been?  Click to play.

Slide 67:  Britnee Marsh speaks

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Video:  Terry Crews (Slide 82)

Video:  Nick Vujicic: Never Give Up! (Slide 83)

Slide 84: Dollar Bill Activity

Take out a dollar bill and ask for a volunteer to come to the front. Ask the
volunteer, “this is a dollar bill, right?” Then say, “I want you to stomp on this
bill as much as you can, okay?” After student stomps on the bill for a full minute,
pick up the bill and ask the student, “is this still a dollar bill? Is this still worth
a dollar? If you go to the store, can you still buy $1 worth of things with this?
It may look beaten up, but it’s still a $1 bill!” Don’t let anyone persuade you
that you’re not valuable! They can call you names or disrespect you, but they can
never take your value, unless you let them by believing their lies!

Slide Script for Part 2


Abstinence Awareness Week Assembly-March 16, 2006-Stuart-Hobson Middle School-Washington DC

Reality Check Breakfast-May 2006